• 10 ML Amber Glass Euro Dropper Bottle

10 ML Amber Glass Euro Dropper Bottle

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Inside dimension - 10.60mm
Outside dimension - 15.49mm
Neck width - 2.53 mm
Neck height - 10.34mm
Bottle height - 58.19 mm
Bottle width - 24.92 mm
Weight - 28 grams

This euro dropper bottle is designed to store liquid contents like fragrances, essential oils, and light sensitive liquids. It features an 18mm mouth opening for easy dispensing. It keeps the liquid contents protected against the photochemical effect caused by UV rays or infrared radiation. This amber glass bottle ensures that the product does not discolor or lose its medicinal and aromatic properties. The liquid contents are free from risk of harmful chemical leach owing to its glass construction.


Please test your products with each container and cap prior to large production runs.

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